Mental Health and Wellbeing

Having a school environment where every pupil can aspire, enjoy, and achieve is impossible without good mental health. Consequently, the mental health and wellbeing of staff, pupils, and the wider school community is of the utmost importance at Broughton.

Broughton’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy outlines the steps that we are taking as a school to have a positive environment for mental health and wellbeing.

If you have concerns about your child then you can contact their Head of Year, Form Tutor, or one of the Pastoral Team.

You may also wish to contact the School Counsellor, Ms Collette Law (

There are a wide variety of services that you can access if you have concerns about your child.

Wellbeing During the Holidays

The Holidays are an opportunity for rest, relaxation and time with family. However, time away from the routine of school can also bring challenges. This is especially true during the current Pandemic. It is therefore vital that we look after ourselves and our families.


The Charity YoungMinds have a page dedicated to Coronavirus and Mental Health. Click here to access it.


Below are some resources that you mind find useful to help look after the wellbeing of your child during the holidays, and as they prepare to return to school.

Downloads: To the right there are some downloads filled with resources and information.

The Mental Health Family Hour: A playlist of videos with mental health professionals who discuss common issues and how you can resolve them as a family.

Return to School: As we prepare for a return to school, it is natural for children to feel anxious. Click here for an excellent guide by Unicef explaining some steps that parents can take to support their children for schools reopening fully.


Broughton’s Firefly page on Mental Health and Wellbeing has been updated with a page specifically on Wellbeing during the holidays. This will be continually updated with resources that pupils can access at home to stay mentally healthy, and provides links to support if they need someone to talk to. Click here to go to the page.


Below are various links to charities that offer information about mental health, and support for those who need it.


As well as the information above, all pupils at Broughton have access to a Firefly page on Mental Health and Wellbeing. This contains a wide array of information for them, ranging from exam stress to mindfulness techniques.