The Computing Department is a successful, dynamic and forward thinking Department where staff are committed to stretch our students’ understanding of Computer Science and help them achieve an insight of the subject beyond the curriculum and in all walks of life. We are keen to embrace new technologies which enhance the learning experience we provide for our students. The Department has a supportive, friendly atmosphere where new ideas and approaches are welcomed and openly discussed. We always aim to make our Computing lessons challenging, stimulating and fun.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Computing

Throughout Years 7-9 every student will develop knowledge and understanding of a wide range of computing and ICT applications. Students will use numerous resources, including the latest software to develop the skills and understanding that will enable them cope with the demands of and increasingly digital world. Through engaging, inclusive and enthusiastic approaches to all lessons, we aim to encourage all students to enjoy Computing and recognise its importance in today’s world.

The aim of the KS3 curriculum is two-fold: it must prepare students for GCSE and other relevant KS4 courses, but it must also prepare students with the key life skills of problem-solving and the ability to work independently.

Computing Department Staff


In Computing, students study for:

  • Year 7 1 hour per week
  • Year 8 1 hour 30 minutes per week
  • Year 9 2 hours per week
  • (optional)
  • Year 10 2 hours per week
  • Year 11 3 hours per week


Students are assessed in a variety of ways in Computing. Each unit is assessed looking at progression in practical skills together with problem solving and evaluation. This is supplemented with periodic subject knowledge tests. Students are given a detailed assessment sheet at the end of each unit highlighting progression and areas for development.

Computing Curriculum Statement

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