Visual Arts Education enables young people to:

  • Become more visually literate
  • Exercise their creativity
  • Improve their critical thinking skills
  • Become more confident in self-expression
  • Develop their cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Become more aware of their environments
  • Acquire technical making skills
  • Solve problems
  • Evaluate their own work, set targets & meet deadlines
  • Recognise the contribution of Artists & Designers to society

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Art & Design

The Art Department aims to offer students:

  • OUTSTANDING art lessons
  • A stimulating and visually engaging environment
  • A safe and purposeful working atmosphere where people and their creative endeavour are respected and valued
  • A programme of study that is broad-based, challenging, engaging and relevant
  • The opportunity to succeed in fulfilling their artistic potential and feel proud of their achievements
  • An opportunity to develop a lifelong ‘love of the arts’.

Art Staff


  • Year 7 1 hour per week
  • Year 8 1 hour per week
  • Year 9 1 hour per week
  • (GCSE option)
  • Year 10 3 hours per week
  • Year 11 2 hours per week


KS3 students are assessed on their Creativity, Competence, Cultural and Critical Understanding. Teacher assessments are given for homework and class projects. GCSE Artists are assessed using AQA objectives. All major GCSE pieces are given Teacher assessed ‘guide grades’ (9-1). The final assessment takes place in May at the end of the 2 year course. We also regularly use peer feedback and self- assessment within the department.

Art Curriculum Statement

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