Learning about the past is the key to understanding the present. We study the people, places and events in British, European and World History.

The intention is that students will be aware of the major events which have shaped the world and be instilled with a passion for history. Students will also be equipped with vital skills of critical source analysis and written communication.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in History

History lessons involve a variety of approaches including teacher led explanation and paired/group work, with students having access to a wealth of source material. History lessons are engaging, arouse curiosity, and provide challenge and intellectual stimulation. Homework is set on a weekly basis or as extended project work which provides opportunities for further research.

History Department Staff

  • Miss Klunder - Head of History
  • Mr S Hughes


  • Year 7 1 hour 40 minutes per week
  • Year 8 1 hour 20 minutes per week
  • Year 9 1 hour 20 minutes per week
  • (GCSE option)
  • Year 10 5 lessons per fortnight
  • Year 11 5 lessons per fortnight


Students are assessed in three main areas: factual knowledge, historical skills and understanding. Formal assessment takes place throughout the year with at least one piece of extended written work per half term.

History Curriculum Statement

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