Mathematics is taught by specialist teachers and classrooms are located in one area of the school. The mathematics department at Broughton is regarded as one of the most successful mathematics departments in Lancashire. We also rate very highly in National figures and GCSE results have been outstanding year on year. Students enjoy learning in the department and accept the challenges set by teachers who have high expectations of each and every student.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

Students learn in a variety of ways in mathematics and the syllabus content is supplemented with problem solving work. Students are encouraged to enquire and communicate in lessons. They work individually and in pairs/groups. Students have a rigid structure of homework tasks to complete. Classes get a mixture of written and online tasks each week for their homework. Online tasks are set on the award winning Hegarty Maths platform. Our more able students are entered for competitions, for example, the UKMT Challenge which is organised by Leeds University.

Mathematics Staff


In Mathematics students study for 3 hours/week in Key Stage 3 and in Year 11 and study 4 hours/week in Year 10. All students are taught in ability sets and there are 7 sets in each year group.


In Key Stage 3 pupils have end of half term assessments on work they study and in Key Stage 4 pupils have end of unit tests in most topics covered. These may be set as a formal test or as a piece of homework or class work. Year 11 have a Mock GCSE Exam in December. All year groups have a larger assessment at the end of the year. These tests help us to monitor pupils' progress and ensure pupils are being taught in the correct set. They also prepare them for sitting final exams in Year 11.

Mathematics Curriculum Statement
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