Drama is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to confidently live and work in the wider world. At Broughton, all Drama lessons are taught in a purpose built Drama Studio to offer all students access to the very best teaching and learning resources.

Drama builds on the skills and knowledge students have already learnt at primary school. As students progress through Key Stage 3 they are given the opportunity to focus on specific aspects of performance skills including acting, directing, stage managing, lighting, sound, set, props, costume and make up designs.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Drama

Throughout Years 7-9 every student will gain knowledge and understanding of Drama skills. Students will be given every opportunity to experiment with script interpretation and characterisation, devise original drama, explore the technical and design sides of performance and theatrical techniques. They will develop confidence, presentation and team work skills. A range of texts and media from classic to contemporary will be available, alongside technical, IT and design resources to inspire students and enable them to realise their creative ideas in performance. Engaging, inclusive approaches are used in all lessons to enable students to enjoy Drama. This approach at KS3 prepares those students who choose to opt for Drama GCSE. Teachers are passionate about creating a performance atmosphere and this enthusiasm captures the imagination and interest of our students.

Drama Department Staff


In Drama, students study for 1 hour/week in Year 9 and 1 hour/fortnight in Year 7. Students study 5 hours/fortnight for Years 10 and 11.


Each year group explores a broad range of skills that challenge all abilities and allows for incremental progress through the year. Assessment is routinely carried out at the end of every unit. In Years 7 and 8, the end of year performance assessment is followed by an ‘Oscar’ awards ceremony to celebrate achievement.

Drama Curriculum Statement

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