Year 9 Introduction

Welcome to Year 9

This year is an important year for our pupils as they begin the initial stages of their journey towards GCSE examinations. When our pupils reach Year 9 they are closer to GCSE than they are to their primary school days. This can be a daunting prospect, but it is during this critical time we see pupils taking on more responsibility and independence. This growth, along with our guidance, will allow pupils to choose GCSE subjects that they enjoy and in which they will excel.

Of equal importance is the wish for our pupils to leave as well-rounded, mature young adults. We place a significant emphasis on 'getting involved' to further enrich their experiences. This may include participation in our extra-curricular clubs,taking part in the MFL exchange partnerships or assisting with school events. Our aim is to develop positive, ambitious young people who are able to make mature decisions for themselves and the wider community. Year 9 is full of exciting opportunities within and beyond the formal curriculum. We expect all our pupils to take full advantage of all the opportunities and challenges available to them.