CPSHE (Citizenship, Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education)

The aim of CPSHE throughout key stages 3 and 4 is to enable every student to develop into a healthy, well-rounded and responsible adult. In addition, it helps to prepare them for the wider world and life after Broughton. This is achieved through a wide range of active learning styles. CPSHE builds upon the knowledge and experiences the students have encountered at primary school.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in CPSHE (Citizenship, Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education)

CPSHE lessons encourage every student to participate fully reflect on their own opinions and views. The schemes of work have been structured in order to facilitate our aims in reaching the whole child. Each unit incorporates a range of tasks and variety of learning styles. In addition to using books, the latest IT resources will be provided to enable students to discover more about current affairs and allows them to research into certain areas. Students cover all aspects of CPSHE through written work, research tasks and discussions. Engaging, inclusive approaches are used in all lessons to enable students to enjoy and achieve in CPSHE. Teachers are very passionate about CPSHE and this enthusiasm enhances the interest of our students.

CPSHE Department Staff

  • Mrs K Meakin - Specialist Teacher of CPSHE
  • Miss V Backhouse - Specialist Teacher of RE
  • Ms J Harris - Head of Humanities
  • Mrs H Hardman - Specialist Teacher of English/Learning Support
  • Miss K Klunder - Head of History
  • Miss K Lupton - Specialist Teacher of PE
  • Mrs J Higham - Specialist Teacher of MFL/HOY11


Year 7  3 hours per half-term ... approx. 18 hours ... (within Humanities lessons)

Year 8  1 hour per week (half-year) ... approx. 19 hours

Year 9 1 hour per week (half-year) ... approx. 19 hours

Year 10 1 hour per week ... approx. 39 hours

Year 11 1 hour per week ... approx. 31 hours

CPSHE Curriculum Statement

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CPSHE Curriculum Map/Journey

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How we assess in CPSHE

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