The purpose of homework is:

  • To encourage pupils to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed for lifelong independent learning.
  • To consolidate skills and understanding.
  • To extend learning beyond the classroom e.g. through additional reading and research.
  • To manage particular demands, such as GCSE deadlines.

How to support your child:

  • Doing learning activities at home - not necessarily helping with homework, but keeping to homework routines and offering a hand where needed.
  • Taking an interest and supporting learning at home - not repeating school work but reinforcing it with fun family learning like trips, books and games.
  • Keeping track of how well your child is doing and encouraging and supporting them to set their goals high enough to reach their full potential.

Homework Club

  • Every lunchtime in Inclusion.
  • Thursday lunchtime ICT 2 Years 7-9.
  • Wednesday after school Inclusion.
  • Library until 4pm Monday – Wednesday all years.
  • ICT rooms available as per timetable all years.

Who to contact

If you have issues relating to homework please contact the subject teacher in the first instance and then if the issue is not resolved, the Head of Department. If you have issues across several subject areas please contact the Form Tutor.