Our aim is to provide a balanced, healthy menu for all pupils and staff. We listen to pupils by carrying out termly audits to ensure we meet their needs by offering an extensive choice of food options in all outlets.

Here at Broughton High School our catering staff work very hard to maintain the quality and variety of meals with every effort being made to respond to pupils’ requests. We operate two dining halls, two pasta stands and an outdoor kiosk, which are available to all year groups serving a variety of hot and cold food.

As part of our continuous development of the Catering facility, we operate a biometric cashless catering system. This system enables all pupils and staff to have a catering account which is topped up either by sending in a cheque or adding money on-line.

We have opted to introduce the biometric system as opposed to cards as this proves to be a far more efficient way of managing the system. The biometric system uses an image of the finger print to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the finger image; only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a finger image.

Packed Lunches

If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch this can be eaten in either of the dining halls.We strongly discourage fizzy drinks. Water is always the healthy option. Water fountains are installed in both dining rooms.

Free School Meals

If you think you qualify for free school meals please do not hesitate to contact Lancashire County Council Education Welfare 01772531809 for advice and guidance. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

Lunchtime operates from 1.20 – 2.00pm.

We operate a cashless catering system. All pupils and staff have a catering account which can be topped up by parents sending in a cheque or adding money online using their ParentPay account.

We serve from six outlets during lunch:

  • Year 11 Lounge
  • The Kiosk
  • Pasta King service in each dining room
  • ‘Junior’ dining room
  • ‘Senior’ dining room

Break operates from 11.00 – 11.20am.

We serve from both dining rooms and the Year 11 lounge during break. We also sell a variety of sandwiches every day along with jacket potatoes.